Main targeted results of Open Garments will be:

  • the concept of Open Innovation for individual garments (design and configure, order, publish, share, assess, sell), together with free tools and existing and working virtual communities,
  • the concept of Open Manufacturing for flexible and quick manufacturing of individual garments, together with tools and existing and working MicroPlants in MicroEnterprises,
  • adopted technologies for digital fabric printing and Rapid Manufacturing of accessories, and, finally
  • a business model for the knowledge based MSP together with design and production tools and services for Open Innovation and Open Manufacturing of individual garments.

The Open Innovation element will be driven by virtual communities of consumers, which act as consumer, developer/designer and operate also a micro e-shop. Thus she/he will be enabled:

  • to customise and to design individual garments regarding fit, style, and function in terms of size, shape and model, design, accessories, buttons, labels, colour, fabrics weave, patterns,
  • to buy this garment (supported by order processing and monitoring), and
  • to spread, publish, share and sell these designs within and beyond the virtual community, in order to improve the designs or to create new ones and to extend the existing retail business or to create new business by selling these designs and the products.